Our pets are our housemates, (work-from-home) co-workers, and best friends. On April 11th, ALICE is celebrating our furry (and feathery!) companions for National Pet Day. Our team members from all around the world shared pictures of their furry friends.

Moka and Bruno - Camila, Colombia: 




Pinot - Madelyn R, South Carolina:


Kaiser - Aileen, Colorado: 


Fryar - Matt, Vermont:


Raven - Sam, California:


Mika and Kiwi - Jamie, New York:


Edgar - Shelley, Texas:                                                    


Hakuna and Matata - Diana, Mexico:


Max and Chip - Cory, New York


Molly - Kayla, California:


Pepper - Josh, Rhode Island:

 Mint - Andy, New York:


Belle - Laura, Florida:


Jupiter and Galinheta - Luisa, Brazil: 


Zuko - Gabriella, Brazil


Lacy and Riggs - Jessica, Texas: 


Sausage and Old Chap - Madelyn D., New York:


  Gambino - Alex E., Colorado:


Daisy - Elizabeth, Pennsylvania:

Kingston and Trig - Val, California:


Tito and Piper - Darien, Texas:


Pyra, Fanta, Curtis, Ecsta, Choo, AB, Watu, and Whim - Franz, The Philippines 

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Charlie - Jami, Hawaii:

Image from iOS (18)

Image from iOS (16)


Juno - Eleni, California:



Happy National Pet Day!


Elizabeth Bourque

People Team at ALICE