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ALICE Celebrates the Holidays All Around the World

We love the holiday season here at ALICE and we’re excited to celebrate with our team globally. Having a distributed, global team means the holidays are celebrated both in our offices and around the world. 

We’re proud of the fact that more than half of ALICE’s team works remotely, calling 16 different countries home. We consider ourselves global thinkers and travelers. Instead of adapting our processes for our remote employees after the fact, we built processes with them in mind, constantly testing for how they hold up and enhancing them. 

We were very excited to have local team dinners and meetups for our global team to get together and celebrate the holidays together. 

We also love a good friendly competition at ALICE. For the holidays this year, we held a virtual, global Ugly Sweater Competition. Our remote team members dress up at home and participate on the video call as well as employees who are in the office. We then all vote for a winner who receives a travel prize. 

Here are some of the local dinners from ALICE employees all around the world: 

ALICE Holiday 2019 Los Angeles

Los Angeles team

ALICE Holiday 2019 Colombia

Colombia team

ALICE Holiday Seattle

Seattle team

ALICE Holidays india

India team

Image from iOS (32)

Ukraine team

ALICE Holiday 2019 Siberia

Siberia team

ALICE Holiday Texas

Texas team

ALICE Holiday 2019 New York

New York team

ALICE Holiday 2019 Rio de Janeiro (2)

Rio de Janeiro team

ALICE Holiday 2019 UK

UK team


Here are some of the ugly sweaters from our ALICE Ugly Sweater Contest: 

Ugly Sweater Competition - ALICE

and of course, we had our #PetsOfALICE also showing off their holiday outfits: 

Copy of Halloween 2019

Happy holidays team ALICE! 


Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE