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ALICE Completes 30-Day Health and Wellness Challenge

At ALICE we know the importance of spending time focusing on our health and wellness. We created a 30-Day Health and Wellness Challenge that our global team participated in September. 


The Challenge

We created a “game board” with 30 different challenges designed to help our team achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. ALICE employees participated in the challenge from September 1st to 30th, completing as many challenges as they could. 

The game board included challenges like “do an online workout class”, “stay off social media for 24 hours straight”, “try a new healthy recipe”, and more. We also organized a company-wide virtual yoga series (that we continued through October!) so employees could take a break during the workday and move their bodies. 


Why did we do this?

These are weird times. We wanted to positively impact employee health by creating awareness around the importance of cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Wellness isn’t just about what you eat - but it also about how you feel. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely essential to living a higher quality of life. Therefore it is important for all of us to achieve optimal wellness in order to reduce stress, reduce the risk of illness, and make healthier choices towards a happier, and fulfilling life.

It was also fun to see pictures of our team members completing the different challenges around the world and brought us closer as a team.


Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE