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ALICE Hosts High School for Hospitality Management Students

Last week ALICE hosted students from the High School for Hospitality Management in its office to give insight on what it’s like to work at a hospitality technology company. Students visited ALICE’s New York office in partnership with Code Nation, an organization that provides tuition-free coding courses and work-based learning programs to students who attend under-resourced schools. Code Nation supports programs to promote career readiness, socioeconomic mobility, and workplace diversity. ALICE’s team, including two of its founders,  were excited to host the group so students could learn about careers in tech. 

The field trip included an office tour, career panel, and interactive discussion with the students to give them an idea of what it’s like to work at a technology startup in the hospitality industry. The panel included ALICE’s CTO, President, VP of People, VP of Customer Success, Senior Director of Customer Success, and Group Product Manager. 

“Today's trip really sparked my interest again in  technology and the wonderful opportunities that I may stumble upon. I really enjoyed today's experience and hope I can get further guidance  in taking the right steps with technology and the hospitality industry to potentially get an internship at ALICE in the future”.

- Student from High School of Hospitality Management


Code Nation Field Trip 2

ALICE has previously hired interns through Code Nation’s internship program and is excited to continue its partnership with the organization to help bring tech careers to life through their different programs. 


Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE