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ALICE's Not-Your-Average-Mentorship Program

In line with our ALICE core values of Be Curious and Continuously Improve, we know the value of mentorship in our employees’ careers. Mentorship is beneficial for mentors, mentees and our company. In the big picture, it can provide an organization with an increase of shared knowledge and connections among employees while also providing opportunities for personal growth.

We have a wide mix of team members at ALICE; some early on in their careers, and some more experienced. We also have a number of employees who are looking to grow skillsets on top of their current role and grow in their careers. 

Because of this, we launched ALICE’s Not-Your-Average-Mentorship (aka NYAM). NYAM is ALICE’s internal mentorship program that matches employee mentors and mentees based on their career goals and desired areas of growth.

alice mentorship program

We surveyed employees interested in participating in a mentorship program and found that these were the goals of employees at ALICE who were interested in joining the mentorship program:

  • Develop and grow their skills
  • Build relationships across departments 
  • Help others develop and grow
  • Learn more about other departments
  • Make friends

"The NYAM program has allowed me to reconnect with the best parts of managing people - helping others grow and develop. Mentoring others and being a mentee in this program has helped me identify my own strengths and areas of opportunities. I am constantly challenged to think outside the box in several areas of my life".

- Jessica Holt, Customer Success Manager


Fun fact: 45% of ALICE employees participate in the NYAM mentorship program!

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My NYAM partnerships are not only professional but personal as well. I know I can call on my mentor or mentees whenever I need anything."

- Ron Howell, Customer Success Specialist 


NYAM has been pivotal in developing our employees, as well as fostering a culture of learning and cross-department collaboration. Mentors are typically matched with mentees outside of their departments in order to further diversify their learning opportunities. 


Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE