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Meet Suzanne: Product Manager At ALICE

Suzanne Frush is a Product Manager at ALICE, based in New York City. Suzanne has worked at ALICE for the past two years and helps build ALICE's product.

ALICE’s People Team sat down with Suzanne to chat with her about what it’s like working with the Product team at ALICE.

What is your role here at ALICE and what does it entail?

I am a Product Manager here at ALICE. I specifically work on our Housekeeping module, including figuring out what we’re building and making sure customer feedback is involved.


What’s unique about the Product Team at ALICE?

I think one thing that’s cool about the Product Team is that we all come from very different backgrounds. We have our Associate Product Manager, Aileen, and our Product Manager, Andy, who both have different technical training. It is a cross between technical and business backgrounds. 


What made you want to work at ALICE?

I wanted to work at ALICE because of the team in general. I also really like the problem that we are solving, they’re really tangible problems. 


What were you doing before joining the ALICE team?

Before ALICE I was at an EdTech company, where we did one-on-one virtual coaching on product management. 


What advice would you give to a future ALICE employee? 

There is a lot of learning that takes place at ALICE as a new employee. The complexities of ALICE are a challenge, but they keep you on your toes and learning every single day. Keep moving forward and taking it all in -- it will come to you.


Where does the passion for your job come from?

My passion comes from user empathy. We’re here to make things easier for people.


What are your favorite hobbies/activities outside of work?

I bake a lot. During the pandemic I’ve gotten really into sourdough. Before it would always die on me. I also got written up in Refinery29 for Zillow window-shopping. I look at places I could fix up and plan out how to do it; read the article here


Where is your favorite place you’ve stayed/ favorite hotel in the world?

My family is in France and I actually lived there for a year. They live in Paris and some live south of Paris. 


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Who knows? But the dream is to have a brownstone and host cute dinner parties for my friends. 


What is the last show that you binge watched?

Killing Eve. I have been obsessed with that show lately. 


Elizabeth Bourque

People Team at ALICE