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Sales Intern, Chase, Discusses His Remote Internship at Alice

Chase Praeger is a Sales Operations Intern at ALICE, based in Los Angeles. Chase interned at ALICE on our Sales team in 2021. 

ALICE’s People Team sat down with Chase to chat with him about what it’s like interning on the Sales team at ALICE.

220-0-2What department did you work with at ALICE?

I was an intern for the Sales Team, doing Sales Operations work. I worked closely with Matt Byrne, Director of Sales Operations, and Wendy Zapach, SVP of Sales. 


What is your major? Where do you go to school?

I’m a business major, with a minor in computer science, and I currently go to school at USC.


How would you describe the company culture? The culture of the sales team? 

The company culture is one of the best parts about ALICE; you can tell there is a big emphasis on learning and refining your skills. I always felt that the team was excited to learn new things. The culture at ALICE is that team members want to learn what they don’t know. Even if you're an intern, people want to learn from you if you have something to teach.

The other really important aspect of ALICE is that the team does a great job making you feel welcomed, starting on day one. I never felt like “just an intern,” I felt like a valued member of the team. It’s really an amazing culture.


What projects did you work on? Which was your favorite? 

The coolest thing I worked on was a project to teach the ALICE’s sales process to the rest of the Sales team and potential investors. I went through each stage of how a sales representative would find and collect information, and find value for prospects. That was exciting because I got to interview people in product, sales, and even Alex Shahsou, ALICE’s president and co-founder, about the history of ALICE. 


Favorite moment at ALICE?

The cooking classes that were hosted earlier this year were really cool to sit in on. I don’t cook a lot in college, but I tried my best to follow along. It was neat because it wasn’t just a break from work, people really got into it. 


How did your experience with ALICE tie into your career goals? 

I want to be an entrepreneur in technology, and being able to see founders that started right out of college build not only an amazing product and team, but a great company culture, is impressive. It's difficult and takes a lot of work but I’ve seen the success first hand at ALICE. To build such an amazing team on your first endeavor is really inspiring. 


What is something you learned during your time here?

I was approached with an exciting learning opportunity from Kenza Sebbar, Enterprise Sales Associate at ALICE. She formulated a weekly Microsoft Excel program for me. It wasn’t part of her role, but she was open to helping me develop my technical skills.


What advice would you give to new interns joining ALICE?

The biggest thing is that from day one you don’t have to hesitate to ask or feel comfortable -- it happens naturally. You are a team member from the beginning so you get projects to work on that directly affect the business, they aren’t just busy work. ALICE’s main goal in hiring interns is to have it be a valuable learning experience for you, you aren’t just working for a company, you are working with people that value and care about you.


Who was your role model at ALICE?

Shoutout to Matt Byrne, ALICE’s Sales Operations Director! Every Monday morning when we had our weekly one-on-one meeting I would get excited to chat with him about life, work, sports, anything. We would talk about what we did on the weekends and it was just nice. No matter what was going on in my life, it felt like family and support at ALICE.


Elizabeth Bourque

People Team at ALICE