Preventative Maintenance
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Modernizing Preventative Maintenance: Paper is Out


Preventative maintenance has been traditionally difficult to manage. Maintenance teams work from paper checklists, with large binders tracking each property’s progress towards weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual preventative maintenance goals.

But, paper has its limitations. Engineers have to scan and send work progress reports manually. With ALICE, the labor savings of eliminating paper means more lean operations -- and a happier, more organized engineering staff at Noble House Hotels & Resorts.

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Visibility at the Corporate Level

Visibility is essential -- and not just during a time when social distancing and reduced travel means fewer site visits. With ALICE, Noble House Hotels & Resorts enjoys greater transparency without having to check-in with each local team as frequently.

"PM has always been in a binder in the engineering office. But rather than going to the property to go through an engineering team's physical records, I can have a high-level overview with ALICE," says Marais.

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The Power of Checklists

Noble House Hotels & Resorts created consistent checklists to share across engineering departments, and that can be updated in real-time. Engineers have more clarity on what work needs to be done so they can focus on the jobs, not the paperwork:

“We have ALICE set up at a lot of our properties where the engineers get assigned PM for the day. Engineers work their way through the checklist, and if they don't finish, it rolls over to the next day. And once they finish, you know it's triggered into ALICE, and we have reporting of when something was done last.”

ALICE Case Study: Preventative Maintenance

Modernize your engineering department and gain visibility into your hotel's preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

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