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Contactless Hospitality

And Your Hotel - An Infographic


As hotels continue to face the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s one phrase that’s continuously brought up: contactless hospitality.

But what exactly is it?


Contactless hospitality is a set of best practices that minimizes the risks of transmitting COVID-19, while offering your hotel guests the same level of high-quality service they’ve come to know (and deserve).

Contactless Hospitality Infographic

COVID-19 has forced hoteliers to change many of their operating procedures, marketing tactics, and staffing patterns. New SOPs are being created to enforce social distancing, to keep guests and staff safe, and to stay in compliance with local, state and national guidelines. But the one thing that can’t change is a hotel’s ability to offer superior service. Contactless hospitality enables hoteliers to meet guest expectations. 

Why is it important? 

Contactless hospitality is the future. The hospitality industry is changing. Contactless hospitality is not only a step in your response to COVID-19, but the way of the future. Leverage technology to streamline operations, unify departments, and maximize your staff’s productivity - without sacrificing service. 

How Can You Deliver Contactless Hospitality? 

With the proper technology, contactless hospitality can (and should) enable hotels to offer guests a fantastic guest experience. Every department in your hotel has always had a hand in delivering excellent service and now is no different. 

Front of house and back of house departments can play an active role in delivering contactless hospitality. Reach out to guests before and throughout their stay to make sure they have all the information they need. Enable your concierge to provide contactless hospitality with software. Strategically time when room attendants clean a guest room, and let your guests know about it in advance so they aren’t worried about social distancing. 

How ALICE Helps

ALICE is the all-in-one solution that enables hotel staff to do the most impactful work, without all the guesses. Throughout your hotel, from front desk staff, to bell staff, to room attendants, face to face interactions are being shortened, reduced in frequency, or eliminated, when possible. ALICE helps facilitate that. ALICE provides contactless technology options for hotels to communicate with guests

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