How Capital Hilton uses ALICE Concierge to Deliver Personalized Service

Shujaat Khan, Head Concierge at Capital Hilton in Washington D.C., gives us an inside look at how ALICE has helped enhance the hotel’s concierge services. ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests. ALICE's dedicated concierge module, ALICE Guest Services, lets concierges track all requests with one system and allows for easy access of all relevant guest records through its PMS integration and Google vendor database.

Khan has been welcoming hotel guests as a concierge at the 550-room Capital Hilton for more than 20 years. He has served as President of Les Clefs d'Or, USA, twice, and has been on the Board of Directors for 22 years. Khan has seen first-hand the shift in hotel concierge operations from written documentation to online platforms. While Capital Hilton found success using alternate platforms starting in the early 1990’s, those platforms were still lacking a complete set of features, including the ability to track packages. Capital Hilton ultimately arrived at ALICE to provide guests top-tier concierge service. Now, with ALICE Concierge software, Capital Hilton has a centralized resource for concierge materials and package tracking. Not only do they have a seamless way to look up and offer guests information and personalized service, Khan notes, but “[with ALICE], we have much better print materials and presentation to offer our guests.”

In implementing ALICE, the ALICE support team worked closely with Capital Hilton to ensure the highest level of success and efficiency in the transition. “In the beginning, when we switched from GoConcierge to ALICE, there was a learning curve, data rollover; there are always things that need to be updated and corrected,” shares Khan, “but all of that was done in such a professional way. Your support team was absolutely phenomenal!” The ALICE team is invested in customer success and works closely with partners to ensure the platform is tailored to each property’s individual needs.

Khan believes that the key to providing a fantastic guest stay is to consistently deliver guests personalized, efficient, and effective service with a welcoming smile; ALICE works as an extension of Capital Hilton’s excellent concierge staff to deliver on this promise in each guest interaction.

“Even though there are other systems around,” says Khan, “I am happy and satisfied with ALICE and I will continue to use it. I appreciate our relationship.”