ALICE Hires Its 100th Employee

May 15, 2018

This week, ALICE, the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, is celebrating the hire of its 100th employee.


The New York-based company has grown from its trio of co-founders Alex Shashou, Justin Effron, and Dmitry Koltunov to a 100-strong globally-distributed team in the five years since its founding in 2013. In this time, the Expedia-backed ALICE has gained an enviable position in the industry, raising over $39 million, partnering with over 2,000 hotels worldwide, and embraced concierge software rival GoConcierge through acquisition in 2017. ALICE is helping to inspire innovation across the hospitality sector and amongst its hotel technology peers, spearheading the industry’s API movement (Koltunov helped create the HTNG API Registry) and spreading the gospel of platform communications architecture, which has hoteliers eager to change the siloed staff department status quo.

ALICE’s quick rise has attracted some of the industry’s brightest stars and remains a coveted place to work. ALICE recently won a “Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech” award from Hotel Tech Report for creating and maintaining a culture that fosters employee satisfaction along with business growth. HTR surveyed thousands of hotel tech employees around the world about what it’s like inside the operations of the industry’s greatest technology companies, and ALICE joined a shortlist of companies that stood out as a place employees are excited to work.

Ian Adelstein, Head of People at ALICE: "ALICE is more apt to focus on quality over quantity; We're disrupting an industry by enabling Hospitality to deliver on the promise of a truly unique experience. It requires an eye for detail and a holistic approach to operational excellence. However, today we reached a milestone that is a testament to our commitment and our growth. Our workforce is now 100-strong! Our global team of dedicated professionals spanning technology, design, marketing, sales and operations calls countries all over the world home. We celebrate the team's size, diversity and grit! Our commitment to the team in the development of career programs, training and industry expertise moves ALICE further toward our goal of being an employer of choice and Best Place to Work."

ALICE isn’t stopping at 100! We’re actively hiring across many roles. Join us in creating something special for the hospitality industry: see open positions.