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ALICE Named Forbes Travel Guide’s Official Staff Operations Technology Provider for 2018

With new hotel products and technologies emerging at a dizzying rate, hoteliers need a simple way to learn about the ones that can make meaningful improvements to the guest and staff experience. That’s why Forbes Travel Guide introduced their Brand Official Program in 2017, designed to point the world’s best hoteliers towards products and services worthy of endorsement. ALICE, the industry’s leading Hospitality Operations Platform, was named the Guide’s Official Staff Operations Technology Provider for 2018.

CEO of Forbes Travel Guide Gerard J. Inzerillo expresses his confidence in the newly-appointed brand official: “We are extremely pleased to select ALICE as the Official Staff Operations Technology of Forbes Travel Guide. It is essential that staff members at a hotel communicate with each other to satisfy many of the 900 standards by which we evaluate a property. ALICE personalizes its product to meet the needs of each property with whom it partners.”

ALICE has taken the industry by storm in the five years since the company’s inception. In an industry eager to bridge communication silos between departments, ALICE’s vision of a single, unified Hospitality Operations Platform has been met with great interest by the community, with already over 2,000 hotel partners benefitting from the platform.

“We are extremely proud to be honored by Forbes Travel Guide,” says Alex Shashou, ALICE Co-Founder and President. “We built ALICE with Forbes’ rigorous 900-point checklist in mind. With our mission to help hotels deliver consistently excellent service, who better to learn from than Forbes?”

“ALICE is innovative and trained to the standards that we use to rate a property. It is constantly modifying its technology based on each client it works with, listening to feedback and adapting offerings to meet that client’s specific needs and wants,” Mica Hill, SVP of Brand Development for Forbes Travel Guide explains. “In the end, we really admire the way ALICE allows a property’s team members to communicate effortlessly with each other, which results in a more engaged guest and a better overall guest experience.”

In addition to improving staff communication across departments, ALICE’s checklists and escalations have been indispensable tools for hotels in meeting the strict criteria of attaining four- and five-star ratings. Hotels can use ALICE to create checklists that mirror Forbes standards and ensure that each guideline is overseen by the most appropriate staff member, such that the hotel can collectively ensure all the 900 points are met. For example, a checklist for room inspection enables a housekeeping supervisor to ensure that rooms are in accordance with Forbes standards before the guest arrives.

When ALICE is implemented at a hotel, the ALICE customer success team sits down with department staff to understand the specific workflows underlying their daily operations. With these insights, they work closely with the hotel to identify productivity gaps, which are then translated to unique customizations within the platform that streamline processes already in place.

“We don't want to change the way the staff works. We want to help them work better in the way that they are most comfortable with," says Maxine Karlinsky, ALICE’s Director of Customer Operations.

ALICE integrates seamlessly into the daily working lives of hotel staff, and due to its ease of use, has received remarkable buy-in from staff members who were once resistant to technology. From using the ALICE Logbook to track electronic devices assigned to staff members, to using the messaging tools to keep a record of texts to hotel vendors, ALICE also enables a variety of customizations that serve properties’ unique needs and elevate the guest experience.


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