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ALICE Launches New eBook for Hoteliers

NEW YORK, New York, February 18, 2021 – ALICE, the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology company, has launched a new eBook for hoteliers: Hotel Operations Unleashed: 99 tips, tricks, hacks, and solutions for optimizing with ALICE. More than 2,500 hotels and thousands of hoteliers around the world have chosen ALICE to streamline operations and communication with a single platform.

The number of ways hotel technology software can be used are varied. As the hospitality industry shifts toward widespread adoption of technology, one thing is clear: 2020 has proven that hotels need contactless communication tools for staff and guests. 

ALICE’s eBook unravels 99 different ways a hotel operations platform can be used to support lean teams and keep hotel teams in constant communication. The eBook also breaks down what operations software can and can’t do, how it supports lean teams, and where it fits in the hospitality industry's future. 

“This eBook is about 99 ways to improve your hotel given the right tools. It prepares you for unpredictable occupancy and uncertain futures. ALICE hasn’t earned its reputation in a day,” says Sam Evers, ALICE’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We’ve earned it day-by-day, day in and day out, every day. We’ve built a serious easy-to-use platform for lean teams in hard times - and we spend every minute improving the best product and customer experience for hoteliers.”

The ALICE platform offers hoteliers housekeeping, guest messaging, service delivery, guest services, and preventative maintenance tools to improve the guest experience, boost guest satisfaction, and achieve operational excellence by connecting departments in one, easy-to-use platform. 

Download a free copy of  Hotel Operations Unleashed: 99 tips, tricks, hacks, and solutions for optimizing with ALICE, today to start learning the multitude of ways operations software can support your hotel. 

About ALICE: ALICE is an award-winning hotel operations platform that empowers operational excellence and meaningful guest experiences. By bringing all hotel departments together with a single operations platform for internal communication and task management, ALICE helps hotel staff act as a team to provide consistently excellent service. ALICE works with more than 2,500 hotels and tens of thousands of hotel staff across many of the world’s leading brands. Learn more at www.aliceplatform.com or contact info@aliceplatform.com