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How to Ensure Guests Leave Your Hotel a Positive Online Review

Online reviews are important for your hotel. Good reviews can bring in new guests just as quickly as poor reviews can deter future guests. Online hotel reviews are important to your guests, so it’s important to make sure that your hotel’s guest experience is always positive. 

According to Qualtrics, “91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions.” Make sure that every guest that leaves your hotel only has a reason to leave glowing reviews! 

Making positive, review-worthy impressions on your guests doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s how you can leverage hotel operations software to ensure guests leave you positive hotel reviews: 


Personalize every guest’s stay 

Operations software not only streamlines your hotel’s operations, it also unifies departments, and maximizes your staff’s time and energy, but it is also the key to providing a personalized hotel guest experience. Guests feel taken care of when their stay is personalized. Every guest wants (and deserves!) a guest experience that has been tailored just for them. 

  • Use guest messaging software
  • Maintain detailed guest profiles and notes
  • Anticipate guest needs and preferences
  • Provide options -- for everything 

Looking for more personalization tips? Read our blog post about personalizing the guest experience with the help of operations software


Proactively communicate with guests 

Do not wait until a guest is at your hotel to begin their experience. A guest’s hotel experience begins when they book the room. Reach out to each guest prior to arrival with a phone call, text, or email to begin building a relationship. 

Give your guests all of the information that they need, before they have to ask for it. Have your check-in procedures changed? Are breakfast hours different than previously advertised? Things change, and people can deal with it, if they’ve been well prepared. If guests aren’t prepared, you’ll find that negative reviewers won’t hesitate to let hotel review sites know. 

Use guest messaging software to reach out to guests in advance of their stay, making sure all of the information they need about their stay is at their fingertips. We have templates for you! Check them out so you can stay in contact with each of your guests, before, during, and after their stay.  


Give your employees the tools they need to do their jobs 

Happy employees = happy guests. When employees have the time and energy to focus on guests, instead of battling antiquated technology, or poor interdepartmental communication, guests are the beneficiaries! Hotel technology eliminates mundane busy work, which means employees can be attentive to guests, and have a better view of the big picture, instead of getting lost in operational details. Your star-rating can increase with an attentive and happy staff. 


Maintain your building’s physical facilities

This might seem obvious, but maintain your hotel’s physical property! Nobody wants to stay at a run-down property. Service quality also includes the ability to upkeep the property’s facilities appropriately. Having an organized maintenance and engineering team, along with an efficient preventative maintenance software program goes a long way. To put it simply, guests want what they pay for no matter their age or background. This is certainly a way to proactively prevent guest compensation, as well. 

Preventative maintenance software can provide your team with checklists to ensure that you are continually checking each piece of equipment and each public area to ensure that everything is in tip top shape. 


Ensuring that your guests stay at your hotel is only half the battle…

How do you get guests to leave you a review? You can ask your guests for a review in a thank you note that you send them. Leaving a hotel review isn’t second nature for many guests. It’s best to prompt your guests to leave reviews if you’d like to build your hotel’s online reputation. 

Sending your guests a thank you email or a thank you text message can leave them with a positive feeling about your hotel. We’ve written an entire blog post about asking your guests for review in a thank you note because we think it’s so impactful. 

Use hotel operations software to automatically reach out to customers to leave a review after they’ve departed your property. Guest messaging tools come in handy when reaching out to guests. Automatic messages can be programmed to be sent to guests just after their departure, when their stay is fresh in their mind. 

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